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Greyhaunt Manor is a home haunt in Scottsdale, Arizona. 2004 was our first year as a significant haunt; prior to that we just had a bit of a spooky yard and front porch. Despite the fact that we didn't really start planning the 2004 haunt until August and didn't start building anything until early September, we managed to pull off quite a bit, and had about 200 visitors. Our 2005 haunt was bigger and better, with more people and more scares.

2005 Photo Galleries  •  2005 Haunt Description

2004 Photo Galleries  •  2004 Haunt Description


BTW, if you're wondering about the name "Greyhaunt Manor," it's because the haunt founders are also founding members of Greyhounds of Fairhaven, a troupe of Renaissance re-enactors who promote adoption of retired racing Greyhounds at Renaissance Faires throughout the southwest US.


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